Supporting skater-led academia


About Re-verb

Founded in 2017 by skateboarders working and researching at universities, Re-verb aims to create better relationships between academia, skate NGOs and the skate industry.

The collective fosters skater-led and innovative research on skateboarding, encourages debate about lesser spoken topics in skateboarding and seeks to build a network for more skateboarders to be able to write about skateboarding at university.

There is a rich history of skateboarders as artists, poets, filmmakers, photographers and graphic designers. This relationship is symbiotic—the art created is part of skateboarding and embodies skateboarding. We want to do the same for the humanities and social sciences; to creatively explore skateboarding in a way that is situated within skateboarding and embodies the practice.

Re-verb has joined with SkatePal and Long Live Southbank to organise Pushing Boarders, a three-day event hosted at the House of Vans London and the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL from the 1-3 June 2018. A unique line-up of pro-skaters, community groups, NGOs, policy-makers and academics will present a series of talks and Q&As exploring the social impact of skateboarding worldwide. Follow @pushingboarders for the latest updates.